Final Preparations are being put together as our Parish Vigil Mass prepares to celebrate 20 years of it's life. We invite you to join us in the Jennyfield Styan Community Centre on the 5th of September at 6pm as we celebrate the Parish Vigil Mass and then party! If you've never been to the Parish Vigil Mass, but you've always wondered what it is, this is your chance to come along and find out. It doesn't matter whether you've been before or not. Come along and see. The Jennyfield Styan Community Centre is on the corner of Grantley Drive and Jennyfield Drive (opposite the entrance to the Co-op car park). If you're going to use a sat-nav, the best postcode to use is HG3 2UT. It's advisable to get there early to get a good seat. We look forward to seeing you shortly before 6pm on the 5th of September.