BIRTHDAY DONATIONS TO THE DEVELOPMENT FUND A brilliant suggestion from one of our Parishioners is that each and every one of us, on our birthday, gives a cheque to the Development Fund equating to the number of years we are celebrating! As you celebrate your birthday, please make out your cheque to St Wilfrid's PCC No. 3 Account and write 'development' on the back then send it Pam Grant at the Parish Office.   CHRISTIAN AID Christian Aid Week this year is supporting the victims of flooding in Bangladesh.  The aim is to move dwellings which are vulnerable to flooding to higher, safer areas.  If this is not done, the people who live close to rivers are likely to lose all their belongings, if not their lives. If you have not already done so, please take a Christian Aid envelope for your donation and return it directly to Janet Thomas or via the Parish Office.   WALK FOR WILFRID Thank you to everyone who took part in the Walk for Wilfrid. One of our members walked 20 miles and raised over £1000 in sponsorship.  We are still awaiting amounts from other walkers but it is likely that over £1500 has been raised.  SUMMER LUNCH A big thank you to Margie Sutcliffe and Margaret Bond and everyone who helped in so many ways. A magnificent lunch and an enlightening speech from Sir Paul Kennedy was enjoyed by more than eighty people and over £2000 has been raised for the Development Campaign. DEVELOPMENT FUNDRAISING Response to our fundraising campaign has been to say the least disappointing and I have to say that to date we are still £40,000 short of our £100,000 target.  We said at the beginning of the campaign that we just needed 100 people to give at least £1000 each – some people have given that amount; some have given more but there are still many members of our congregation who haven’t yet subscribed to the Development Scheme. We are required by HLF to raise £100,000 from the local community plus £500,000 from other benefactors including charitable trusts. So far we have a £350,000 deficit and time is running out! I am afraid that if we don’t raise this money we could easily lose our Church for alternative development. Please give what you can and give now before it’s too late – also if you know anyone who might be willing to underwrite the sum of £350,000 or a proportion of that amount, please speak to Pam Grant, Catherine Wright or Mike Whittaker. A MESSAGE FROM CATHERINE WRIGHT I would like to thank everyone who supported the Art Space event. We took over £10k of art sales, raised just over £4K for the development scheme and had over 400 people visiting over the weekend. Many thanks to those of you who came along, made cakes (lots of wonderful cakes!) helped serve teas and coffees, helped at the event, bought art, told your friends and family to come along and helped clear up. We were a great team! It was a wonderful atmosphere in the church and I have had some really fantastic feedback from all kinds of people including a lady who said she has lived opposite the church for 15years and had never been in it. On the Art Space weekend she came into St Wilfrid's three times. Wonderful!  If we can achieve these positive reactions in an extremely cold church, just imagine the possibilities in a warm venue! It is really exciting for the future. As you may have read in the Harrogate Advertiser, we still need about £350,000 to support our Heritage Lottery Application so any help you can give towards reaching this target is really appreciated. We need a big push as our deadline is fast approaching.  Now for our next 'big' event, the Duchy Street Party to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday on June 12th. We have a great day lined up so fingers crossed everyone and hope for good weather!  I really need A LOT of volunteers for the day and hope I can ask people to take ownership of certain areas. Perhaps church groups such as young Wilfs, the tea and coffee helpers, flower arrangers, choir etc could take ownership of areas of work eg man a certain stalls and arrange the rota for the day? This would be really helpful. I will need also need a lot of additional helpers so please let me know if you can be involved. It will be a fun filled, action packed day so put it in your diary and tell your friends and family to come along. If you can help please email and there will also be a signup sheet in church. Thank you once again for supporting Art Space. Best wishes, Catherine. ST WILFRID'S WALKING GROUP - MAY WALK This month's walk will take place on Sat 28th  May. It is a circular walk of approximately 5 miles through Skelton, in and around Newby Hall estate in the Ure valley with a number of historical points of interest.  It should be about 2.5 hours long at a steady pace. This walk is known as the Dog Kennel Lane circuit, and is in the area of OS Landranger 299 map.    If you would like to come along, please meet in the church Car Park at 10.00 and we will car share up to the starting point.  We would suggest bringing a drink and a bite to eat, as local hostelries are as yet un-surveyed, and so we shall stop en route for sustenance.  Everyone is welcome, particularly newcomers. If you any questions or queries, please contact Simon Gartside    CHILDREN'S SOCIETY HOUSE COLLECTION BOXES May is upon us once more and it is time for each boxholder to return their boxes, so that your donation can be totted up and sent off.  Please hand your box to Linda in the office or, if the office is closed and you are attending a service, give the box to the officiating priest to lock away in the safe.  If it is difficult for you to do this, then give me a ring on 531311 and ask me to call round to collect it.  The empty boxes will then be placed on the ledge at the back of the church near the office door for collection. Thanks to your donations, 34,893 children's lives were improved by the Society's frontline services – that's a 7% increase in the numbers of young people than the previous year.  In the Yorkshire and North East area alone, 4,019 were helped.  The Children's Society is a national charity that runs local projects, helping children and young people when they are at their most vulnerable, and have nowhere left to turn.  The Society also campaigns to change the law to protect children and young people, to stop the mistakes of the past being repeated in the future. One of the young people whose life you helped change last year is Sophie.  Things became very difficult for Sophie at home after her parents split, and soon after her 16th birthday, she ran away.  Some nights she slept in a multi-storey car park with a gang of teenagers who were also battling very difficult situations.  Sophie soon became ill with anxiety, cold and 'flu, and endured horrendous conditions during the winter months.  One of the most harrowing moments for Sophie came when she met a man who invited her to stay in his flat.  She had no idea he was on bail for abusing women.  Her circumstances became incredibly dangerous and she was very vulnerable to sexual abuse.  Fortunately for Sophie, the police arrived at the man's flat and arrested him on suspicion of kidnapping her.  She was quickly referred to The Children's Society and placed in the care of Gemma.  She's now back at college and has reconciled with her parents.  One day she wants to help vulnerable teenagers like her because she knows she can relate to them.  “Gemma has been fantastic”, Sophie says.  “I was extremely lucky to find The Children's Society at the time I did.  I was just on the brink of becoming someone who no one could have saved me from.” Thank you, in advance for your box collections and, if anyone would like to become a box-holder, then please ring me on the number above to set this up. Anne Wilkinson   A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY We will celebrate Corpus Christi with Mass and Procession at 7pm on Thursday 26th May. We would be very grateful for donations of herbs, preferably rosemary, for the herb carpet during the week leading up to the service