Jul 12

The Parochial Church Council of the Harrogate St Wilfrid Team Ministry.... Well, that's a very long title, but what actually is it?

The Parochial Church Council (or PCC for short) is a group of men and women who assist the Team Rector in shaping the life of the parish church.The PCC is a legal body, whose role is determinded by the Parochial Church Council (Powers) Measure 1956.





That act sets out that the functions of the PCC shall include:

  • PCC Meeting

    co-operation with the minister in promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical;
  • the consideration and discussions of matters concerning the Church of England or any other matters of religious or public interest, but not the declaration of the doctrine of the Church on any question;
  • making known and putting into effect any provision made by the diocesan synod or the deanery synod, but without prejudice to the powers of the council on any particular matter;
  • giving advice to the diocesan synod and the deanery synod on any matter referred to the council;
  • raising such matters as the council consider appropriate with the diocesan synod or deanery synod.

The PCC has a number of officers, who have specific roles within the PCC and act on its behalf. In addition other officers of the parish, lay and ordained, are members of the PCC ex officio - by right of the office they hold.