Mar 12
The Parish Mass on Sunday at 10am is celebrated using Common Worship and the New Revised Standard Version (Anglicised) Bible translation. The musical repertoire embraces the breadth of the western classical traditions.
Parish Mass in Ordinary Time
On Sundays in ordinary time, in school term, the Gloria, and Sanctus are sung by the choir, in Latin, while the Kyrie, Agnus Dei are sung congregationally to plainchant, using words from Common Worship.
The Psalm is sung responsorially between choir and congregation, using words from the New Revised Standard Version (Anglicised). The verses are sung to Anglican Chant.
An anthem is sung at communion, which may be in any language and register.
Three or four hymns are sung, which are commonly taken from the New English Hymnal.
Parish Mass during Penitential Seasons
During each penitential seasons, the ordinary of the mass is commonly sung to a single congregational setting, which we learn during that period. The organ is used very sparingly during Advent and Lent.
Parish Mass with Baptism
At Sunday Parish Mass with Baptism, the mass setting is sung congregationally, commonly using the Mass of St Thomas by David Thorne.
Parish Mass outside of Choir Term
Choir term broadly follows the vacations of the local schools. Out of termtime, the ordinary of the Mass is sung congregationally, and the verses of the Psalms are sung, using plainsong tones, by a cantor. 
Choral Evensong
The choir regulary sings Evensong on Sundays at 4pm. The 1662 Book of Common Prayer is used, and the repertoire is distinctly English. Two hymns are sung from the New English Hymnal.
Choral Compline
Compline is sung on Friday evening during Lent at 8pm. The entire office is sung to plainchant, using traditional language. A choral motet may be sung at the end of the office.