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Supporting St Wilfrid Harrogate

The Parish Church of St Wilfrid, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

On average, it costs about £4,250 a week to run St Wilfrid’s.

It is thanks to the generosity of our congregation, visitors and supporters that the church is still here, well cared for and used every day. Recently your donations have helped us to:

  • Install a new heating system
  • Install a new sound system
  • Repair or replace old light fittings
  • Repair the stonework and parts of the guttering

A combination of donations, commercial income, fees from weddings and funerals, legacies and grants helps us to keep St Wilfrid’s open every day. We receive no regular income from the Government, Local Authority or the Church of England.

The Vision for the Future of St Wilfrid Harrogate

We need:

  • To provide the parish, the town and visitors with buildings that are warm, welcoming, clean and safe.
  • To expand the uses the church is put to, for the congregation, the community, and for commercial and heritage audiences.
  • To secure our financial future through making our buildings work for us, rather than us working for the buildings.
  • To safeguard our heritage, making changes where we believe they are justified.

To support us you can donate online below or go to our Support page to find out more about alternative ways to give.

*NEW* Set up your regular donation easily and securely with the Church of England’s Parish Giving scheme.

Go to  and in the Parish search box, you can either put:

St Wilfrid, Harrogate or

HG1 2EY (The church post code) or

460646284 (Our unique Parish Giving Scheme code).

You’ll then be asked to register with PGS. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your account set up and then you can then set up your giving: either as a monthly amount (preferred) or as a quarterly or annual amount. Giving has to be on the first of the month you choose – as this reduces the cost of operating the scheme.

If you are a UK Tax payer then please tick the Gift Aid option. Remember, this doesn’t cost you any extra in your giving – it comes from tax you have already paid.

There is also a box to tick “Maintaining the value of your gift” This will then increase your giving each year by the rate of inflation. You will receive a reminder before that happens, and will be asked if you accept the increase). That’s a useful reminder to you of renewing your giving each year – just as our bills also rise by inflation each year. It can really help us if you tick this box.


Once you’ve set up your giving with PGS, the Scheme will let you know when the first amount will be taken. Once you know that, you can decide when to cancel your current standing order with your bank, so you can maintain your regular giving, whilst making the switch. You must though contact your bank yourself (or cancel your standing order online if you have electronic banking) – PGS cannot do this for you.

The whole set up is very easy and will only take a few minutes. There are no forms to return to church or post. You can do it all from the comfort of your home!

And that’s it. You’ll receive confirmation by email. You can change your giving at any time after the first payment is taken.

I don’t have the internet, what can I do?!

If you don’t have online access, then you can ring PGS to set up your giving by phone, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. In addition to your bank details, you’ll need the following information:

St Wilfrid, Harrogate HG1 2EY and 460646284 (Our unique Parish Giving Scheme code). The PGS phone operators will then take you through the process, usually in less than 10 minutes. Their phone number is 0333 002 1271


On the next page click on ‘Donate’ next to the name of the church (underneath the map that will appear):

St Wilfrid Harrogate logo shield

How can you help?

The Parish Church of St Wilfrid, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Help us with a donation

Online donations can be made via our donations page. Click the button below to make an online donation.

Donations can also be made by cheque to St Wilfrid’s PCC and posted to the Parish Office, St Wilfrid’s Church, Duchy Road, Harrogate

If you to prefer to donate by bank transfer: Account name: St Wilfrid No 2, CAF Bank, Sort code: 40-52-40 , Account number: 00026061

Be a regular monthly giver – Could you support us throughout the year by Joining our parish giving scheme?

For taxpayers, Gift aid your donation

For every £10 donated, we can claim another £2.50 if you return a signed gift aid form. We can even reclaim on your past giving!


If you choose to make a donation for a specific purpose, your donation will be used for the primary purpose specified. Where any appeal reaches or exceeds its targets your donation will then be used for similar projects or for general purposes unless you direct otherwise. All donations made to St Wilfrid Harrogate are gratefully received and help us carry out our work.

However you wish your donation to be used – every penny counts. The majority of our income comes from the kind donations of individuals – whether they attend church, have been to an event here, or just want to support the building and the secular community groups who use the parish hall.

It is through the support of individual donors that St Wilfrid’s is able to remain open daily, with daily services and to continue to play a vital role in our community.